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Agile Application Development, JSON/SQL + SODA + NodeJS

On Tuesday, 17 March 2020 SWEOUG is proud to present Beda Hammerschmidt.

Beda is a Consulting (coding)Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Server Technologies, Database Kernel Group, responsible for JSON support in the Oracle database.

More about Beda, Linkedin or Twitter

This meetup as all about:

Session 1 : JSON support in the Oracle database: what is possible and what makes sense?

The Oracle database has a rich set of functionalities to ingest, query, process and generate JSON data. I present a practical overview of SQL/JSON functions (including new features available in 20c), give performance recommendations and best practises and explain common use cases as well as reasons when to use JSON and when to stick with a relational schema.

Session 2: Agile Application Development with JSON and the Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) Api.

JSON is a preferred data model for new applications as it schema-free nature allow great flexibility and easy mapping to and from programming languages. Whole new database products have become available to store and query just JSON data. In this presentation I show the SODA Api which provides easy to use no-SQL like interface for application programmers while maintaining the power and (SQL) functionalities of the Oracle Database. SODA is a relatively new product which is build on top of JSON support in the Oracle database; SODA is available for many languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Rest, etc.

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