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"APEX Day 2019"
Carsten Czarski: REST Integration in APEX: Status quo and outlook
Matt Nolan: Building Single Page Applications in APEX
Dimitri Gielis: Print and Export data in the format you want with AOP
Dimitri Gielis: Can you do that with APEX? Building not so straight forward pages... 
Heli Helskyaho: Predicting Beer Ratings with in-database machine learning and APEX 
"Oracle Security with Rob Lockard"
Rob Lockard presentations
"The Automation Journey & The Cloud Journey With Oracle Product Manager"
Ricardo Gonzalez presentations
"Let's Talk Autonomous Database!"
Jan Tjernsbergs presentation about Autonomous Database
"Meetup 20181211"
Mathias Magnusson presentation about VPD & APEX
"Meetup 20181016"
Ulf Hellströms presentation about Password&Oracle&Ansible
"APEX Day 2018"
Tobias Arnhold & Friends: 8 minutes pitches
Mathias Magnusson: APEX plugin-in from a PL/SQL developer perspective
Shakeeb Rahman: The most amazing Universal Theme yet
Øyvind Isene: Use APEX to Visualize Spatial Data
Carsten Czarski: APEX 18.1 and beyond: What's new?
"EBR Tour 2017"
Bryn Llewelyn master class on EBR:  Download scripts from the event here
"Nordic ACE Tour 2017"
Heli Helskyaho: The basics of Machine Learning
Heli Helskyaho: Design Your Databases Straight to the Cloud
Heli Helskyaho: Big Data and the Multi-model Database
Frits Hoogland: Who Shut My Database Down??
Frits Hoogland: Provisioning The Oracle Database In The Cloud
Sten Vesterli: APEX, ADF, or VBCS - A real-life application built in the three tools get it here
Sten Vesterli:   The Seven Ways of Building Oracle Application get it here
"APEX Day 2017"
Carsten Czarski: Insider News from the APEX Development Lab
Carsten Czarski: Application Express … and the REST of the world
Matthias Nöll & Richard Rieb: How APEX is used at DBG
Tobias Arnhold: What is standard APEX?
Mathias Magnusson: APEX and National electronic IDs
"The AWR Meetup"
Björn Hedlin presentation about AWR Warehouse
"The Flyway Meetup"
Göran Paues project on Flyway get it here
"The Docker Meetup"
Ulf Hellströms presentation about Docker
 "OTN Nordic ACE Directory Tour in Sweden 2016"
Ludovico Caldara presentation about 300 DBs in 300 days
Ludovico Caldara presentation about Adaptive Features
John Kings presentation about REST
John Kings presentation about JSON
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