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APEX Datasources and Visual Builder Cloud Service - Meetup

Meetup at 6.00 PM, Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Two great talks in one Meetup.

Jagannath Tripath Senior Technology Architect at Infosys Sweden

Visual Builder Cloud Service(VBCS) is a really cool product from Oracle. VBCS provides a Rapid way to create and deploy engaging Web and Mobile apps directly from the browser using a visual browser-based development environment.

Jagannath will give an introduction to the world of VBCS.

1. Oracle VBCS architecture 2. Major building blocks 3. How to build pages in minutes with almost no coding and by using drag and drop feature.

Demos : 1. Accessing data from Oracle cloud database by business object REST API 2. Building a dashboard with charts and graphs for web using business objects.

Want your reports source as an declarative "REST enabled SQL Service", local database or as a WebSource in APEX? You can now with ease consolidate different sources into one application.

Combine these websource with structure data and harvest the benfits.

This talk will also be presented during the Techfest in Brighton. But first in Stockholm!

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