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Let's Talk Autonomous Database - 19th Of Feb

SWEOUG has invited Jan Tjernberg (Technical Architect at Oracle) to come

and speak about the concept, tools, the now and the future of the Oracle's Autonomous Database. We will also see demonstrations and how easy it is to get started in the cloud. Save the date and join us on the 19th of February. Register for this Meetup here.

Brief Agenda

  • Autonomous Database

Key features of Autonomous

  • What makes Autonomous Database different from other database products and services?

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous Transaction Processing, what is the difference?

  • Demo of ADW and tools

Cloud GUI

  • What does the Web interface look like? What can I do?

SQL Developer

  • Connecting to Autonomous, what is required?

ML Notebook What is Notebooks? What is the use case?

  • Alternatives for data load

Getting data into the database, what alternatives exists?

  • Current limitations to be aware of

A cloud service is standardized! What does this mean in terms of limitations?

  • What's planned for Autonomous

Autonomous is an evolution! What is planned for the near future? A sneak peak.

  • How to try it yourself

This sounds very interesting. How do i get a trial environment?

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