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Who shut my database down? NordicAceTour

"What proof can you find on a typical linux system about what has been changed to a database? Standard precautions such as personal accounts and sudo leaves gaps, this presentation takes you through it all!"

Join us on the 24th of October at the Nordic Ace Tour and learn about a deep stroll through a typical linux system and the Oracle database, in order to discover what security related information is stored, and what that means to understand what happened in the past, and what isn’t logged and visible.The presenter for this topic is Frits Hoogland.

Frits Hoogland is an IT professional specializing in Oracle

database performance and internals. Frits frequently presents on Oracle technical topics at conferences around the world.

In 2009 he received an Oracle ACE award from the Oracle Technology Network and a year later became an Oracle ACE Director. In 2010 he joined the OakTable Network. In addition to developing his Oracle expertise, Frits works with modern operating systems. Frits currently works at the Accenture Enkitec group.

Follow Frits on his blog at https://fritshoogland or on twitter @fritshoogland

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