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The world's first fully autonomous database?

Last night, Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison presented the next-gen database "the world's first fully autonomous database". In other words Oracle will automate management and tuning of the database using machine learning.

"We will be authoring public cloud SLAs, service level agreements, for the Oracle Database that guarantee 99.995 percent systems availability time; 99.995 percent availability means less than 30 minutes of planned or unplanned downtime per year," said Ellison.

"To achieve that level of reliability, Oracle has to automatically tune, patch and upgrade itself while the system is running. AWS can't-do any of this stuff."

The autonomous database will be introduced in more detail at Oracle Open World, 1st of October, and it is planned to be released on the 1st of December.

Oracle also introduced a new pricing/consumption model. The so called "Universal Credit" which aims to be a much cheaper and flexible alternative, compared to any other cloud provider.

Read Oracle's pressrelease here

Oracle is aiming 100% at the cloud, and with the new pricing model, universal credit and the autonomous database, this is a game changer. The other big cloud providers, Amazon Web Services(AWS),Microsoft Azure,Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are up for a big challenge.

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