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Get an impression of how to build complex APEX applications which are still easy to maintain.#Sweoug

Next prominent speaker on the APEX event list is Tobias Arnhold. Tobias is an Oracle APEX and business intelligence consultant. Tobias is a frequent speaker and contributes a lot to the community. Tobias will be talking about how to build complex APEX applications that are still easy to maintain.

What is “Standard APEX”? This question is as old as APEX itself. Why is “low code” so good? And is Javascript good or evil? In this presentation, you will get a short deep-dive by analyzing the results of the APEX dashboard competition 2016 and see what “Standard APEX” really means.

This presentation is for beginners and professionals, young and old specialists because it argues with the master question itself: What is the right way to do it? And by showing the different results of the APEX Dashboard competition you will understand the problematic from a visual point of view and a technical point of view. Get crushed by seeing what really matters and what will kill you the day after.

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