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300 APEX projects at the Deutsche Bahn AG

We are excited to announce that Matthias Nöll & Richard Rieb will be two of the speakers at APEX2017 in Stockholm.

The Deutsche Bahn AG is working with Oracle Application Express (APEX) since more than 5 years. At the time their team includes 20 internal employees and several external consultants. Besides the focus on the APEX technology the team runs their projects in a totally different way than all the other IT departments at Deutsche Bahn does it. The key is to focus on an agile development cycle where the customer is part of the project team from the start up until the end.

Every APEX project starts with a preconfigured base application called “Bauplan – construction map”

This application includes all important functionalities like:

  • Cooperate Layout: Themes, styles and logos

  • Master data tables like users and roles

  • Authentication schemes and security functions (SSO)

Using APEX, a preconfigured base application and the agile approach, the Deutsche Bahn AG had successfully proceeded over 300 projects during the last 6 years.

More information on the event and speakers here

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