Speakers at SWEOUG APEX 2019(#SweougApex19) 

Speaker: Carsten Czarski

About: Principal Member of Technical Staff for Oracle Application Express



Title: REST Integration in APEX: Status quo and outlook

Abstract: The latest Application Express Release 19.1 takes its support for external data sources (REST services and REST Enabled SQL) to the next level. Forms do now support REST services and REST Enabled SQL. Thus, APEX allows you to create a report, chart, and form pages on REST services - all declarative and without manual coding. For the upcoming APEX release 19.2, it's planned to extend this to support Lists Of Values (LOV) and the Interactive Grid. And that is not all: PL/SQL developers can leverage "Web Source Modules" using the APEX_EXEC package: Access a REST service without manual HTTP requests and JSON parsing!

This session provides an overview on how the integration of REST and REST-Enabled SQL works. It will touch on creating a Web Source Module, o how to use it in various APEX components as well as in procedural PL/SQL logic. It will cover APEX releases 18, 19.1 and also an outlook to the upcoming release 19.2. The session will wrap up with tips and tricks for practical usage.

Bio: Carsten Czarski works for Oracle in Germany since 2001, we he started in the Presales organization helping customers and partners regarding database-centric application development. Since March 2016, Carsten is a member of the Application Express development team. Focus of his work is on the new support for REST services in APEX - beyond that and others Carsten looks after the Calendar component and the Data Loading facility. Carsten is a frequent speaker at international user group conferences.


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Speaker: Matt Nolan

About: CTO at FOEX GmbH

Website: https://blog.foex.at/


Title: Building Single Page Applications in APEX

Abstract: In this session, we will walk through what single applications (SPA)  are, how they behave, and what the benefits are over traditional page submit web applications that are built using APEX. The primary focus is on the end user experience and their productivity i.e. users that need to enter and access information as fast as possible.

We will talk about Javascript framework choices that provide this single page design pattern such as Oracle JET, React JS, and Sencha Ext JS.

We will then jump into a number of design concepts and live demo's on how to use standard APEX features and with some custom code to build a simple single page application. Followed by a demo on how to create a full-blown single page application declaratively using our plugin framework built on top of the APEX plugin interface and Sencha Ext JS. 

The overall point of the talk is to show people the customization capability of APEX and showing that it is possible to change the application design style using 3rd party frameworks and the APEX plugin interface. Highlighting the benefits are of doing this with APEX, as opposed to using a different development technology.

Bio: Matt Nolan is a dedicated APEX enthusiast and the co-founder of FOEX GmbH. Matt leads the development of the FOEX Plugin Framework for Oracle APEX, specialising in complex back office application development. He has a broad range of Oracle expertise dating back to 2001 including 14 years of consulting experience developing commercial APEX applications for government and commercial organisations in the US, Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia, and Australia.​

Speaker: Dimitri Gielis

About: Oracle ACE Director. Development, Training and Consulting @ APEX R&D. Founder of AOP

Blog:  http://dgielis.blogspot.com/ 


Title: Print and Export data in the format you want (pptx, xlsx, pdf, ...) with AOP


APEX Office Print (AOP) is the go-to solution if you want to print to PDF or export your data to Excel and many other formats like Powerpoint and HTML. AOP is the most integrated and easiest to use print engine on the market and with APEX 19.2, a limited set is built-in APEX as a replacement for the deprecated XSL-FO.

In this session I will go into more detail on AOP 19.2 and what's coming in APEX 19.2 in relation to printing and exporting. The session consists out of many demos, so you know exactly what to do to get most out of AOP.


Title: Can you do that with APEX? Building not so straight forward pages... 


My philosophy is you want to stay as close as possible to standard APEX components. But sometimes from an end-user perspective, it would make a lot more sense and be more user-friendly that the page looks a bit different. In this session, I will demonstrate a few examples of custom pages and how you can create something yourself. We will see the use of a PL/SQL Region, APEX items, AJAX Callback (Process), dynamic actions, some JavaScript and CSS. Still, we try to stay as close as possible to APEX, so it's easy to upgrade, but it will be totally different user experience and not just a report with form. Notes for Review Committee: I will first show the end result, but then show step-by-step how I build those custom pages. Looking at existing Classic Reports, using the inspector to look at the HTML and the Universal Theme classes that are used. Create a custom PL/SQL Region, but still applying the same look and feel of standard APEX components. Creating a dynamic action to autosave certain fields, calling an AJAX process. While doing that I will show some good practices and tell things to avoid, so even those pages stay maintainable in the future and upgrade proof. I will show some real use cases I had to build the last year, so people get context and it's very much applicable. I hope by showing this presentation that they are not afraid of building different pages, know how to get started and have a reference when they decide to try it themselves. I even have to look it up all the time myself, so thought to share the different components in this presentation.


Dimitri Gielis began his career working as a consultant for Oracle Belgium where he got in touch with almost every Oracle product. His main expertise was in the database area, but at that time he was also exposed to HTMLDB which was renamed Oracle Application Express (APEX) later on. From the very start he liked the Oracle database and APEX so much he never stopped working with it. 
In 2007 Dimitri decided to build his own company which specializes in providing training, development, and consulting specifically for the Oracle Application Express product. Today he still runs APEX R&D, a company located in Belgium, but serving customers all over the world.
Next to the services, APEX R&D developed several applications, the most known one, APEX Office Print (AOP), a printing solution that allows to merge data with MS Office templates. AOP is used by many big companies around the world and became the most popular printing solution for Oracle APEX.
On his blog (http://dgielis.blogspot.com) he shares his thoughts and experience about Oracle and especially Oracle Application Express.
Dimitri is a frequent presenter at APEX World, APEX Connect, OBUG Connect, IOUG Collaborate, ODTUG Kaleidoscope, UKOUG conference and Oracle Open World. He likes to share his experience and meet other people. In 2009 he received the Best Speaker Award at ODTUG Kaleidoscope. Dimitri is also President of the OBUG (Oracle Benelux User Group) APEX SIG.
In 2008 Dimitri became an Oracle ACE Director. Oracle ACE Directors are known for their strong credentials as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates. Dimitri received several awards: the APEX Developer of the year award by Oracle Magazine (2009), Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) Developer of the year (2015) and apex.world member of the month in August 2017.

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Speaker: Patrick Wolf

About: Principal Member of Technical Staff for Oracle Application Express

Blog: http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com/about/


Title: Insider News from the APEX Development Lab


Take the opportunity to get insider information and a first look at the new features of the upcoming Oracle APEX 19.2 from one of the core developers of Application Express. See it live how easy, seamless and how quick the new Filter region type will allow you to improve the search experience for your end users. The greatly enhanced Popup LOV and the reimplemented Shared List of Values do provide many new possibilities for all List of Values based item types. In addition we will also take a look at the many new features which have been introduced in APEX 19.1. The session will wrap up with an outlook what we plan in APEX 20.1


Patrick Wolf is working in the Application Express development team at Oracle Corporation. He is a frequent contributor to the Oracle APEX forum and is also running the blog http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com/.

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Speaker: Heli Helskyaho

About: CEO, Miracle Finland Oy. Oracle ACE Director

Blog: https://helifromfinland.blog/


Title: Predicting Beer Ratings with in-database machine learning and APEX 


SQL and PL/SQL are very powerful languages for machine learning but the visualization capabilities are limited. In this presentation we will see how APEX can be used as a visualization interface for in-database machine learning. We will demonstrate the whole process of predicting beer ratings starting with collecting and analyzing data to implementing the beer rating application made with APEX. And we will visualize the process using APEX. We will be using SQL, PL/SQL, classification, and APEX.


Heli Helskyaho is the CEO for Miracle Finland Oy and an Ambassador for EOUC (EMEA Oracle Users Group Community). Heli holds a Master’s degree (Computer Science) in the University of Helsinki and she is specialized on databases. At the moment she is working on her doctoral studies, researching and teaching at the University of Helsinki. Her research areas cover Big Data, multi-model databases, schema discovery and methods and tools for utilizing semi-structured data for decision making. Heli has been working on IT since 1990. She has been in several positions but every role has always included databases and database designing. Heli believes that good database design and good documentation reduces performance problems and makes solving them easier. Heli is an Oracle ACE Director and a frequent speaker at many conferences. She is the author of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler for Database Design Mastery (Oracle Press 2015) and a co-author of Real World SQL and PL/SQL: Advice from the Experts (OraclePress 2016).

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