Speakers at SWEOUG APEX 2017(#SweougApex17) 

Speaker: Carsten Czarski

About: Principal Member of Technical Staff for Oracle Application Express



Title:Application Express and the REST of the world

Abstract :

Learn how to access REST services from within Application Express. The presentation will show, how to invoke a REST Service, how to process JSON or XML responses and how to build reports or charts on top of this. Finally, attendees will get an outlook on future trends regarding APEX and REST.


In the old days, things were simple: Data was in the (Oracle) database and APEX applications worked with that data. But today, we have to integrate data from different sources all the time. These data sources can be on the internal network, but also on the internet.

Today, the REST architecture is commonly used to interface between different systems: REST services are often provided, so we want to use these REST services with the Oracle Database and APEX applications. The presentation will give a brief introduction to REST, cover the building blocks to invoke REST Services and to process the response and finally put everything together in Application Express.


Title:Insider News from the APEX Development Lab

Abstract :

Take the opportunity to get insider information and a first look at the new features of the upcoming Oracle APEX 5.2 from one of the core developers of Application Express. See it live how easy, seamless and how quick it will be to integrate remote data sources into your own applications. And with the new charts, it will be even easier to visualize them.




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Speakers: Matthias Nöll & Richard Rieb

About: IT consultants at DB Systel GmbH


Twitter: Matthias Nöll        Richard Rieb

Title:Agile application development – How APEX is used at Deutsche Bahn AG


The Deutsche Bahn AG is working with Oracle Application Express (APEX) since more than 5 years. At the time their team includes 20 internal employees and several external consultants. Besides the focus on the APEX technology the team runs their projects in a totally different way than all the other IT departments at Deutsche Bahn does it. The key is to focus on an agile development cycle where the customer is part of the project team from the start up until the end.

Every APEX project starts with a preconfigured base application called “Bauplan – construction map”

This application includes all important functionalities like:

  • Cooperate Layout: Themes, styles and logos

  • Master data tables like users and roles

  • Authentication schemes and security functions (SSO)

Using APEX, a preconfigured base application and the agile approach, the Deutsche Bahn AG had successfully proceeded over 300 projects during the last 6 years.

Speaker: Tobias Arnhold

About: IT consultants in the field of Oracle APEX and Business Intelligence



Title: What is “Standard APEX”?Get an impression of how to build complex APEX applications which are still easy to maintain.

Abstract :

What is “Standard APEX”? This question is as old as APEX itself. Why is “low code” so good? And is Javascript good or evil? In this presentation, you will get a short deep-dive by analyzing the results of the APEX dashboard competition 2016 and see what “Standard APEX” really means.

This presentation is for beginners and professionals, young and old specialists because it argues with the master question itself: What is the right way to do it? And by showing the different results of the APEX Dashboard competition you will understand the problematic from a visual point of view and a technical point of view. Get crushed by seeing what really matters and what will kill you the day after.

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Speaker: Mathias Magnusson

About: Managing Director Miracle Sweden

Blog: http://oradbdev.mathiasmagnusson.com/


Title: Authentication as a Service using APEX


Writing code for security is said to be something for geniuses and idiots. Using a service for validating who someone makes perfect sense for those of us who are not geniuses in the security fields and do not wish to be taken for idiots.



A lot of countries have national electronic IDs. Over 20 nations have it implemented today, they do not use a standardized API. But most if not all use web services, so lessons from one are applicable to most implementations. In addition to these national IDs, there are many AaaS - Authentication as a Service - functions available that you could integrate with in a similar way.


In this presentation we take a look at how to integrate with the Swedish variant - BankID - to get the usual APEX login page to issue a request for authentication that the user then completes in the mobile app from BankID and the APEX login completes once a successful authentication is performed with BankID. 


The presentation shows a practical way to work through the authentication integration with starting to just first test the soap interface using the soupui software. Then we progress toward the login by first writing a test PLSQL block to validate it working without involving APEX. The next step is a couple of standard APEX pages to show it working there before we take on the final step of integrating completely in the log-on functionality of APEX. There are just two web service calls made so this is not a code heavy presentation. We look at how to go about working with web services from PL/SQL as well as how to integrate custom authentication in APEX via PL/SQL and web services.


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Speaker: Shakeeb Rahman

About: Software Development Manager at Oracle and leads design for Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Blog: http://apex.shak.us/


Title: The Center of the Universal Theme


The Universal Theme aims to empower developers with the tools they need to build beautiful, responsive, accessible apps without becoming experts in HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

This session will introduce you to some of the improvements and updates to Universal Theme in Application Express 5.1, and how to take full advantage of all that it has to offer. Learn directly from the creator of the Universal Theme as we discuss new features, best practices, and advanced techniques.Finally, we'll take a brief look at what's in store for Universal Theme in APEX 5.2. Together, we'll journey to the center of the Universal Theme and discover how to take our apps to the next level.

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