Another year has almost passed - So many great events

December 4, 2017

We had some amazing events this year, and the quality of our speakers has been SUPERB! 

Looking back at 2017 list. 



Master class on EBR

Presenter: Bryn Llewellyn


Nordic ACE Tour 2017

Presenters: Heli Helskyaho, Sten Vesteril, Fritz Hoogland


APEX Day 2017

Presenters: Carsten Czarski, Matthias Nöll, Richard Rieb, Tobias Arnhold, Mathias Magnusson, Shakeeb Rahman


The AWR Warehouse

Presenter: Björn Hedlin


Using Flyway

Presenter: Göran Paues 


Using Docker 

Presenter: Ulf Hellström


Automating Oracle Database Administration, practical examples with Ansible

Presenters: Mikael Sandström, Ilmar Kerm


Database deployment automation och version control aiming for continuous delivery

Presenter: Marcus Phillip 


Putting ECC to good use

Presenter: Mathias Magnusson


So the bar is already set for 2018, and we are hoping that we will be continuing to deliver a new event/meetup each month. A big thank you to all attendees and speakers, which are helping the Swedish Oracle community to grow. Another group that has contributed to making these events happen is, of course, our sponsors HELIOS WORKS, KNOWIT, MIRACLE, ORACLE and SYSCO.





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