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Shiny hammer - everything appears to be a nail...Nordic Ace Tour

"Most organizations do not get the value they expect from their IT. Their IT operations are expensive to run, and their IT projects are late, over budget and don’t deliver what the users need."

Join us on the 24th of October at the Nordic Ace Tour and learn about seven different approaches on how to build Oracle applications. The presenter for this topic is Sten Vesterli. This presentation examines all of the most important development tools and technologies available from Oracle today, discussing the strong and weak points of each.

Sten Vesterli is one of Europe's leading experts on Oracle technology and has been comparing Oracle tools for more than 15 years, speaking at conferences, writing books and publishing the popular Oracle Tool Watch on He just finished writing his third book on Oracle ADF. He was recognized by Oracle with the title of Oracle ACE Director for 10 years until Oracle excommunicated him from the program for the heresy of criticizing their cloud strategy. Sten is an aspiring pilot and Ironman triathlete who lives in Denmark. Follow Sten on his blog at or on twitter @stenvesterli and @oratoolwatch.

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